image not foundFrequently Asked Questions
  1. How much would it cost to sponsor a tree?
    At this point in time, it would cost Rs. 1000/- to sponsor one sapling.
  2. How many tree can I sponsor?
    There is no limit to the number of trees that you can sponsor.
  3. How do I make the payment?
    By Cheque (for Bangalore city only) / DD in favour of "Spoorthivana, Bangalore".
  4. Can I choose the tree of my choice?
    Not at this point in time. We would choose from the list of trees that the expert committee has chosen, based on ecological necessities.
  5. How do you protect these plants / trees?
    Spoorthivana & Parisara would protect these plants/trees by fencing and watch & ward . Spoorthivana & Parisara would nurture the plants/trees with the help of volunteers.
  6. Who owns the trees sponsored by me?
    The trees are the sole property of the Government of Karnataka.
  7. How long would it take for the trees to become self-sufficient?
    It would take about 5 to 7 years for the trees to become self-sufficient.
  8. Who would look after the trees?
    Parisara, under the guidance the Spoorthivana Advisory committee, would look after the trees.
  9. How would the change in government / bureaucracy affect this project?
    This project has been initiated under a Government order (vide GO No. UDD 73 MNI 05 dated 18/04/2005). The citizens and the participants are expected to keep a vigil on the developments in this area and support the movement in the interest of future generations. In addition, the project is in line with Government policies for afforestation and therefore  any change in Govt or bureaucracy is not likely to affect the project.
  10. Who will protect this land from encroachment by local interests and other vested interests?
    Government law enforcing agencies would protect the trees from all vested interests.
  11. Is there a legislative protection for the area under plantation?
    There is a Government order as given above.
  12. Are the trees insured?
    Not at this point in time. We are exploring the possibilities.
  13. Can I nominate / bequeath the trees?
    Since you do not own the trees, you can not nominate or bequeath the trees to anybody else.
  14. Would the produce of the trees be sold for commercial profits?
    No. The produce would be left to the nature. However , it may become necessary to  exploit the product to safeguard it as also to ensure good health of the trees. Income, if any, will be ploughed back to the project after fully accounting for it.
  15. Can this program be extended to other parts of Bangalore / state?
    Yes. We would support efforts by any individuals / groups who would be interested in initiating such programs.
  16. Can we contribute to this project by offering “shrama dan”? If so how?
    Yes. You can participate in watering, weeding out, making fire lines, participating in awareness programs and guest lectures, etc. However, please inform us in advance, so that we can plan jointly to get the best benefit out of your efforts.
  17. How can school children participate in this program?
    The schools can organize trips of children to Spoorthivana, so that they can get awareness about nature and also can get inspired by this effort. The children can in turn inspire their elders to participate in this program. The Children can also put in physical voluntary work in the park.
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