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Expected Outcome
  • This project would result in planting and maintaining at least 20,000 saplings in and around the catchment area of TG Halli.
  • This would prevent soil erosion and siltation to the reservoir, increase fertility of soil and enhance the bio-diversity of the whole eco system.
  • It would create awareness among general public about the environment issues in general and eco system of TG Halli in particular.
  • This would result in developing a “GREEN BRIGADE” which would mainly consist of youth who would be genuinely concerned and responsible about envirornmental conservation and who would have practical experience in contributing to environmental protection efforts.
  • The “Spoorthivana” could be like a Cubbon Park or a Lalbagh of the future. This could be an excellent eco park for Bangaloreans.
  • This project would be the best and most apt gift we would give to the next generation of Bangaloreans.


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